#Anonymous Inspires Urban Ultra Clothing Designs, Charity Donation

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OpISIS shirt from Urban Ultra Clothing OpISIS shirt from Urban Ultra Clothing

It’s official: Anonymous is trendy!

Between #OpISIS scoring more #TANGODOWNS than the coalition against ISIS in the Middle East, #OpSafeWinter saving lives of the homeless here at home, and recent other high profile ops, Anonymous is having a very tangible moment.

We, as always, were keeping an eye on Anonymous when we came across the very Fawksy Vaxcon sweatshirt and tee from Urban Ultra Clothing, an edgy one-man web shop out of Reading, Pennsylvania.

The next day, the web shop was gone. Poof.

We, being shrinking violets, contacted the company via Facebook and basically bitched them out, as we had a lovely article featuring the sweatshirt all ready to go and then, bam, no website. No website, no article. Turned out that contact was incentive enough for him to put the site back online, we ran our article, and bang! Eighteen sweaters…

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