Central Banks Hacked, But What Aren’t They Saying?



Source: GizaDeathStar.com
Dr. Joseph P. Farrell
May 21, 2016

Many readers sent various versions of the first article here, which formes the backdrop for the second article, and today’s high octane speculations. Please note: last Thursday’s News and Views was cancelled because I was unable to obtain assistance with the new upgrades we’re making, so today’s blog is essentially what I recorded, but was unable to upload, to You Tube.

So what’s today’s  blog (and last Thursday’s News and Views) about?  Well, someone is hacking central banks, in particular, the New York Federal Reserve:


Now note the last paragraph of this article:

“The attackers clearly exhibit a deep and sophisticated knowledge of specific operational controls within the targeted banks, knowledge that may have been gained from malicious insiders or cyberattacks, or a combination of both,” Morey Haber, vice president of technology at the Phoenix-based BeyondTrust, said. “The hackers allegedly…

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23 thoughts on “Central Banks Hacked, But What Aren’t They Saying?

  1. i am always carful of any entity that has the word ‘credit’ built into its name. in most cases they are creating speculation; a ‘forecasted’ ‘projection’ of already planned modelling. they have tools that run 24hrs 7days a week creating speculation. this has been modelled long ago. it is of their best interest this ensures control.

    once on another platform i questioned one of their tools. did he not come back to me with hard evidence! ‘by what he showed me’ a letter from the ‘Deutsche Bank’ showing me how on a ‘certain date’ in ‘years to come’ the Australian dollar would drop to ~0.75 to the USD. it was realised to me when the date arose. since that day i am weary and consider any news on ‘their’ markets as being a tool of manipulation. this letter could of been a fake but the date on the letter was exact! as it was written the AUD dropped to exactly to the ‘letter’. perhaps he was from the future. be well

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    1. Interesting story. I have had a few rather amazing experiences as well, and “chance” does not explain them nor does the idea of “Barnum statements.” But, in the end, people choose what to believe. The idea of a message from the future intrigues me. When I was very young I had some dreams that were amazingly prescient, notably almost of perfect visualization of the technologies known now as “compact flash” and “SD cards.” Almost all from those dreams has come to pass except the building of a network monorail “bullet trains” that use maglev in the U.S. Please do keep in mind that these dreams were mid 1970’s when “maglev” did not exist anywhere in the world (yet). I think that the pneumatic tube system in use at drive-up bank locations will also undergo a revolution that will permit transmittal of high priority documents/ small items between cities. The tube transmittal system will exist in parallel to the maglev network, and maglev will cause a social revolution as increasing numbers of people will decouple their place of residence from their place of employment (along with telecommuting, of course). Entire cities that do not exist now will spring up as “bedroom communities,” and existing cities will become “work only” urban centers nearly devoid of residents. Home schooling / home based education will become more prevalent as education becomes decoupled from the classroom and “traditional” college campuses will be seen more as what we all know they are: a place for young singles to meet possible marital partners.

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      1. Barnum what an interesting word. i had to look it up.

        i am sorry for my last comment. please forgive my ‘cheeck’ i have a tendency to be a little spontaneous at times.

        this speculative mole(tool) was not a person who could read “future”. he was part of them. the elite. i insulted him by calling out his speculations at the time so he most probably went against all that was right and showed me. as i wrote i dismissed it until the actual event- like clockwork! because i had caused sooo much trouble, to the bankers; and the platform LinkedIn was hacked for the first time- which saw my details compromised lol ~ i laugh because there was nothing to steal being the son of a sheep herder with very little education, having been ‘accidentally’ drawn into the elite web my bio was made up three words:

        Full Time Bum


        tell me. Maglev. i have never heard of it…what makes Maglev so unique. there are others which i am aware of which a being presented as i type. does it have any other purpose than what you have described…? i am quite excited when i meet people that have answers. my answers only get swallowed up in all the noise…plus to the elite one who questions is the lesser, as they have all the answers; as with the rest i still question and present myself as the lesser- humble be i

        i apologise if i insulted you in anyway. was not intentional. hope you didn’t take offence. i had seen the bankers realm in action and since my awakening my aim is at them….are you a banker? i asked a similar question to a female person who i had contact with that had ‘credit’ built into her business name. she was supposedly meant to be on the side of good; from what i had been made aware of…but it seems either i was wrong or it was hijacked which i think it was.. giving credit is not a good thing. it is actually doing harm. so i have an issue with credit…is that wrong?

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        1. Many issues in your comments; I will address some of them.
          (1) No offense take to your commentary. Like any other blogger, if I did find a comment offensive I would just delete it and move on.
          (2) Barnum statements: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barnum_effect Some predictions / experiences seem unique but are not. I have had some rather specific experiences, such as “seeing” the SD cards we have now in a series of dreams in the mid 1970’s. At that time (mid 1970’s), the most sophisticated technology was using “LSI” and almost all consumer electronics was using “MSI.” We paid the phone bill by mailing a paper-based check and a “punched card” to the phone company (Bell). See, also: (1) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Integrated_circuit and (2) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punched_card

          I mentioned the “maglev” trains as one of the few things in the dreams that has not yet come to pass.

          See, also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maglev

          Much further out, we will also see this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnetohydrodynamic_drive As an aside, about ten years later (1980’s), a movie was made about this kind of technology called “The Hunt for Red October.” The MHD drive was calld “The Caterpillar.” I am fairly certain MHD will come to pass, first in military applicatons and later in civilian ones, but it has not quite happened yet.

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          1. my apologies. now i am focussed.

            do you think they(banking elite) would tell us if they had been hacked?

            interesting that you ‘see’ that far in. i believe in people being extra perceptive, as that is what i believe i am…but to actually dream of ideas that will eventuate..did you document all your dreams? i cannot remember my last dream. i don’t know why but i don’t dream. i have looked into it and apparently i do dream but ‘subconsciously’ not sure if that’s the right word..

            i am against banks. if you follow backward you don’t move forward…and that’s what banks and especially the corporate snake! sure the corporate structure is designed to grow. it has an originator, a head..does it not? who set(s) the rules? i mean when you take profit out of the corporate snake then you have no company right? it is its main driver.

            you’ll have to excuse my mumbled up writing. i have a problem with my short term memory so i have to write it quickly before i forget so it(replies) can be erratic and not inline with the norm…whatever that may be.

            the banking entity is draconian. they thrive this new tech now. why not. slavery by way of debt digitally! so efficient. no more paper trails. throw in the blockchain with a digital code and you have the new and improved monetary system designed to do as its predecessor did but in a more efficient way.

            so do they allow us to know? is it in their best interest or do they just hide it from us…? what benefit would a bank gain from allowing us to know if and when they had been hacked? i clearly remember one of the largest exchanges for Bitcoin MT.Gox when it was robbed. i firmly believe they did it…but the creator Satoshi Nakamoto sure got it wrong or perhaps not! a fool proof electronic ledger coupled with a digital currency allowing people to divert the banking system – who were they kidding! yes all my writing is by chance. to think i actually thought that the emails i was receiving were from this great big forum and i was special, lol. it was automated. haha. regardless i was invited to a think tank. that’s how they start the company. invite other experts to the think tank. once the numbers were gained the first steps of the company was formed. they even coined a new term – ‘start-ups’ now…the company was split into sections: Oceania, Nth America, Sth America…etc. advisory committees were formed, they elected the board..then amazing this company from nothing ended up purchasing 25,000 bitcoins. not long after that the Bitcoin jumped to $1,000 USD a Bitcoin. amazing! to some it is but to me i see deceit. a plan. it was sold to them and all they needed to do was buy all the bitcoins. give the Bitcoin investors what they wanted. money! how stupid is that..? your wanting to introduce a competitor into its field where it practically owns and controls everything(in a sloppier way) but at the end point you still needed to exchange your imaginary money for actual dollars…how was that eliminating banks? P2P we were told..at first the bankster dismissed it as you would expect having full control of their markets. it was when the Chinese began to use it is when they needed to take control. i am no fan of Chinese and their desire to be this great empire globally. but it is what it is and after the bankster crashed the USD purposefully to make sure the investments made into the US stayed in tune or you could say they taught them a lesson in world banking. a welcoming of soughta lol. even MasterCard made a spontaneous move to ensure one African nation(I’ll find the country) had a debit card feature with their national i.d cards. this was to say look we can give the unbanked a banking system also. perfect. knock two birds with one stone. log them all! numbers are important to these bankers! i am sure this entity i was invited to take part of was sold by this time. all went quiet until someone had dumped 25,000 bitcoins after it hit $1,000USD – hmmmm all was quiet. everyone cashed in lol. you want to start something like that you have to get it right the first time. not call it an experiment. i will provide as many links to my comments here. it is only fair. many don’t realise what is occurring behind closed doors. changes to the structure of the snake is taking place and everything is evolving as they planned it. why wouldn’t it. they control the markets. it is way to simple. i was one of only 5 people that was befriended by Satoshi. I quickly made a lot of friends. even spies i found later. the LinkedIn platform is their haven. it is where business takes place. you have your skill level or value advertised on your bio and you create your network all business related. i even stumbled upon arms sales by the illuminati themselves. the merchants of death i call them. they would show a picture of a marine jumping out of the water showing a new age weapon which happened to be on this marine; the title for the post was simple. “do you like it?” or “if you had a choice, which one you choose?” the latter was for posts that had for example 4 different weapons on a table. they would start one by one answering the question. they were actually ordering them. no money was ever mentioned. once they even advertised(pictures) catamarans – small, medium or large. how i know they were illuminati? it was posted by none other than people that belonged to the company called illuminati based in London! what a coincidence. all chance and my awakening began as I do not like wars either. so when you had people that dealt in arms trade and a war of sorts in the banking sector which i never even knew what a bank was; all tied in to this corporate snake which i am and was sure of had total control of markets then sorry but the humanitarian in me kicked in. perhaps you already are aware of the recent dealings and path they are taking. but just in case you or anyone else does not know, as i was blind once too; then if allowed i shall divulge my findings. if that is ok with you. you have control. perhaps i am completely wrong. perhaps you could gladly point out my flaws. perhaps your knowledge is far greater than my sheep herder knowledge. i pray to the computer gods i am wrong and this new age tech actually works in the benefit of the people who are enslaved by this tyrant! i don’t like the rate this snake is evolving and what it evolve into once it’s desired effect takes hold..it was said that anarchy and chaos will be the by-product of this revolutionary change. perhaps you have seen this? or can now? or will after this? i know you can see but what you have seen and see is only for your eyes. if i saw anarchy and chaos would i let people know…it depends right? do i get involved? i have learnt that people must awaken themselves and for others to sway is the same as control. this is why i create an environment for doubt! so many have been instilled with too many visions already and for many it is too late! hacking banks? yeah do it. it will only hurt the people. they have that thing..that back up..insurance!

            do not be the poison that feeds the snake that kills us…is it possible? without us it is no longer. it needs us. we are its poison. the poison that eventually kills us. but we still do it…why? is it too late? i don’t. to think until a few months back i searched the definition of a bank. funny. it holds money. not food. or water. but paper that represents the strength of ones army. we have the head of the snake. even its people are helpless. slaves they are also. but different slaves. entertainment. even a last man standing I call them. that 2nd amendment is no more than personal protection for the federal reserve (last man standing) if all else fails we have armed civilians who will protect us. silly people. but i cannot lay blame on them as you to would be a slave if you watched so many visions of death and despair, forced into you in a way where it poisoned your mind. the aim is to create helplessness in such a way you don’t realise that they see you as a slave and they, PROXY GODS!

            i so wish you can help me with some of my questions. i have many. i learnt my answers only got lost in all the noise anyway so now i will question. i am the lesser in the eyes of the elite as they have my answers. to the rest i still am the lesser this way as humble be i


            1. Wow! That is a LONG post. If you feel so strongly, and if you have so much to say, why don’t you put up a WordPress blog? I have read a number of variations on the things you are saying over the years. Something tells me you would have an audience (if you want one). Periodically I reblog material similar to yours on this blog, and I know some others do the same. While I am not certain where the line is between “truth” and “fiction,” I do know it makes for interesting reading, and I suspect others think the same (or the National Enquirer could not have stayed in business so long).

              But, I do recommend that you keep your posts shorter. For various reasons, I am certain that you will lose your audience if the post is much more than 200 to 300 words long. And if you lose them, then your message is, effectively, lost as well. Keep it short.

              See, also: https://yoast.com/5-tips-improve-readability-blog-post/

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  2. i am learning. i can provide links to most of my fiction. some i had to let go or they let me go so i cannot go back there(LinkedIn). i believe i was given a chance and took it wisely.

    the new war which i am certain is deliberately trying to destroy history. i did write about this on my blog but not to this extent

    ..someone is destroying history.

    this bank war Is no comparison to the kind of death maniacal machine is before us now. It is what goes on behind the scenes is where it is most important. perhaps i should write about it. to be honest i am a little apprehensive as when I first started I was an unknown just another voice. I took my chance and try to tell everyone my posts are still public but unfortunately I chose the wrong platform as Facebook is one of their(Zionist) tools of installation.? i was quite public until now. under this new alias. who am I kidding my Internet has been slow for five years now. The last time I went to a bank the computer froze I laughed my head off! they had to pull it from the plug haha!

    Thanks for the link by the way. I don’t think my issue is really learning how to write a properly haha..perhaps my gramma could be improved along with my punctuation. I am now limited to my mobile phone using the mobile phone network as mentioned my Internet speeds a very very slow. not enough time! my time was not wasted on Facebook it’s just that it wasn’t going nowhere, too much noise it was flooded with too many answers..everybody has the answers it seems and mine just seem to get lost. so yes you picked it this is my new branch, my new approach > To be quite honest I wasn’t intending on starting this blog or conversing with people regarding issues of today. But I just couldn’t help myself as I am who I am. At the moment I’m just scouring through the net mainly to keep tabs on the corporate snake and zionist.

    Certain things interest me at the moment. I want to learn of freemasonry, rosicrucian’s, and especially alchemy. I see all religions as labels. So I don’t have a label as yet.


    is where the head of the corporate snake is. And wouldn’t you know who is taking charge of this new revolution new monetary system or should I say who is overseeing It…




    ^some nice reading

    R3CEV was the beginning…


    so in short the fed has been ‘sold’ this new banking system. our future one actually.

    we are headed for our next new revolutionary change but slavery by way of debt will still remain.

    thank you Satoshi Nakamoto.

    ok did you know since the rise of the bitcoin the fed has tried to hunt Satoshi Nakamoto down?



    every programmer has or creates a back door.

    With this new implementation into the corporate snake Satoshi is dangerous to them…

    sorry if i bored you with this but it is relevant to this article or post here. If anything once this new implementation has been applied to the stock market they will most likely Iet the hackers in to have a free rein so I can crash everything really good this time. Properly and send the world down with them, while they watch it all unfold and eat their salty popcorn as A celebration and then a new start a new beginning with ONE WORLD CURRENCY WITH BITCOIN AS THE MAIN CRYPTO…

    Hack away hackers…

    oh look out for companies that have the word credit in built into them for example first global credit and companies like IBM and their sister companies sun&son

    Satoshi is actually a Japanese banker 😉




    cashless is the key word…this is why the banking elite do not care whether they get hacked or not it is only digital money not real it doesn’t exist. They will play it safe until full implementation. For some they might see this as a chance to finally destroyed the banks only time will tell or perhaps I will tell lol

    Thank you for allowing me to comment. I will try to write more as time evolves but for now I’m fighting on all fronts!

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    1. Rather impressive links. I gave one of the pieces on your blog a reblog on one of my other blogs. Maybe not your intent, but it sounded like poetry so I placed it where I thought it fit (with other creative writing, both prose and poetry).

      Really interested in your links (particularly re: R3CEV), and I think you have some good points. More and more, slowly, I am coming to believe the “war on cash” is real. I have only heard that term in the last month or two, but I have seen the process evolving for the last few years. By the way, any thoughts on crash of 2008? (Astrology predicted it, and another one is likely “soon” (by 2020, probably 2017) as well.)

      Some rumors circulating down here (Texas) that Obama is keeping the price of oil artificially low to (1) appease the voters in general while (2) crushing the small oil producers (particularly in Texas) so the Saudi’s can buy them up (and therefore own both their means of production as well as *OURS*). Any thoughts on that?

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      1. be wary of the new and improved slavery tool to answer your questions remember the corporate snake controls the markets. i also have a brief post on the outcomes of abandoning the U.S dollar. if you allow me i can explain this to you in detail. it is in depth and i can show you how it controls nearly every aspect of our lives including world wide food markets.

        you have to understand that the corporate snake ‘controls’ and ‘usurps’ it is designed in this way.

        oil is controlled by the corporate snake. it controls all the markets. it owns them all if not it will create an atmosphere to take control.

        let me put it in another way:

        because we are dealing with an apex elite group and think they are proxy gods they toy with us; as control is the tool that is used to quench their desire(control) – creating chaos is easily done. murder is easily done. think of us being a dog and they as our owners- whenever they wish for control they loosen the collar and create an illusion of harmony and when they wish for control they tighten the collar and get satisfaction from the control and/or tools measure used. the tools are at their disposal as they own the tools. i have written elsewhere of tools used and the functions of the tools – all used to ‘control’ this is why it is of utmost importance to not be the ‘poison that feeds the snake that kills us’

        all the crashes together with all the wars have been manufactured with purpose. do the Americans own the federal reserve? they are actually slaves in their own land. i showed you the head of the corporate snake in above link. during all the crashes it was planned and manufactured and not in the interests of the American people. one was a lesson to china. to show it has full control.

        who makes the decisions? it is the Zionist who run the war machine. to have control by way of debt(tool) you need to own the largest war machine which the Zionist control. the strength of a currency is reflective of who controls the largest war machine in our world. who has been and won wars over history? it is America. the world is governed by the American markets(USD) everything is based around this! including oil. control remember is the ultimate goal. we see the chaos in the oil rich nations. it is to gain control. any threat is eliminated and/or controlled by many of the tools it has at its disposal and honestly we feed the snake the poison that kills us…so you could say we are its life! this is why it will not cause total destruction and mass death! it needs its ‘poison’ or else who will it control? the saudis are no more than greedy fat God proxies themselves which wine and dine in luxuries with the apex elite. Obama is one of the greatest tools they have ever had. even he has no power when it comes to the elite apex. he is controlled as many others including Putin which is controlled opposition. all designed to give pleasure to the apex elite. only the apex group knows when and how as they are the designers and owners of the tools that create chaos. with all due respects to astrology as my knowledge of this field is limited. try to always remember that what we actually have in place are only tools e.g Obama as you mention above it is he who is making the decisions “Obama is keeping the price of oil…”

        if you unsure of anything I post just point them out and i will try to help you understand.

        i will try to post more soon. please see my blog post “bike with no pedals” as this relates to what certain groups like the Saudis who can see the future and how abandoning the USD and ‘diversifying’ into other ventures eliminating the reliance on USD as it knows it will crash or be eliminated and taken over by the new world digital currency I explained already. during the last crashes oil did not increase as did back in history. it is based in the value of the USD which apex elite control. the oil rich nations have only a few choices: increase the oil output which only serves the Americans. or keep it at the same level. many have caught onto this and had kept the same levels.

        the apex have created such an atmosphere where even human life has a ‘worth’ placed on it…in USD

        thank you again for allowing me to comment.

        oh…do have knowledge of the third eye? it is labelled as something else like chakra but i feel this is not what i am searching. i found two paintings i believe were painted by what we know as lucifer. they are marvels. perhaps i might seem a little crazy but these two paintings allowed us to see as i believe who painted them is immortal and out of sheer evil and greed so it could hold this as a type of souvenir to always remember…his goddess! which was sacrificed by him. can you help me with the third eye? i have reached spiritual enlightenment many times before i just wanted you to know. so i could ‘see myself’ out of my mortal body when enlightenment occurred. this experience changed my life. i will never forget this and when i found these two paintings i once again could ‘see’ but it was from the painter who used his third eye to pint them: he was painting one of the paintings while being in three places at once. truly amazing! the painting exists! it was thought to have been painted by a famous painter but it was not! imagine that..a painting being ‘painted out’ while acting out a sacrifice…remarkable! sorry if you think I’m crazy. perhaps i could show you a picture of me as you could look into my eyes and read them to see my reflection of the love i have. sometimes i wish i could not see. at times it is hurtful to see all the despair. at times i am happy. but you could never know either darkness or the light without the other. balance

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        1. I will scurry further out on an already tenuous limb and ask if you are speaking of Blake’s “Red Dragon” paintings. Is this of which you speak?

          Re the third eye: http://www.seeker.com/how-humans-lost-our-chance-at-a-third-eye-1765991618.html#news.discovery.com
          I anticipate you will reject this answer (about the third eye), but trust me: I am certain this is right. Consider the implications, and I think you will find the answer. Almost everyone underestimates the importance and power of circadian rhythms. But, they are not to be trifled with (without serious repercussions).

          Also, I am reluctant to believe any single faction controls the world. I am willing to consider the idea that certain factions have a great deal of power, and that these are warring factions that broker various deals against each other. And I have no doubt whatsoever that these same factions view everyone beneath them as “slaves.” Your point is a good one: debt slavery is still slavery, only a notch or two removed from the slavery of the early 1800s and before.

          I will go a step further and say the notion of a single “all powerful” faction is somehow comforting because it at least offers the notion that someone is “in control” (even if Evil with a capital “E”). For some people, the idea that “no one is in charge” is the most terrifying idea of all, and I think that is precisely the situation.

          Jefferson hinted at it (in his idea of “Separation of Powers”), and I suspect that the “National Treasure” movies are rather “on target” in their idea that the “Founding Fathers” were truly geniuses, a bit beyond what most people even begin to realize. Look carefully at their ideas, and you will find the repeating theme of warring factions that need to be “brought together.” (Embodied, to some degree, in “E Pluribus Unum.”)

          But I do clearly agree with you on certain ideas, and one of them is that the “war on cash” is a dangerous threat to liberty as “we” have known it for over 200 years.

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          1. you anticipated correctly as i have never heard of this painter and/or paintings..can you provide me with links or info regarding this painter on my post which i will hopefully finish tonight. it is another topic and a bit off for here i know…wait until i finish then i am hoping you can enlighten me further with regards to these paintings..

            with regards to factions fighting..can you be more accurate. perhaps who you have learnt or believe they are? do you have bounds?

            you mentioned the word liberty..can you define what liberty means to you? you are in the U.S..excellent. you are at the heart of the corporate snake. well one part of it according your comments on “factions” ~ i am only guessing now.

            the last time i checked your people had to borrow its own money from a private entity calling itself the federal reserve in order to feed and house it’s homeless. i believe they were your veterans who fought for the liberties of the american people..i learnt of this when the people of the U.S voiced themselves over Syrian asylum seekers claiming that you couldn’t even afford to feed and house these veterans let alone help the same very people who they armed – the rebel army i believe it was..”no boots on the ground” and what of the innocent that die at the hands of these weapons who are paid for actually in US tax dollars…that’s where the taxes go right? to the treasury? or isn’t the federal reserve a treasury? i would go as far as calling it the cause of infecting the world with its libertarian manufactured mechanism…it prints the money used to create misery! when i speak with Americans it hurts me so much that many cannot see the problems that arise from monies printed within the walls of the federal reserve mechanism.

            your federal reserve is private i believe. can you answer who actually owns it? this printing machine is transparent with its slaves right? i will ask though as transparency is important and relates to the next question…

            does your country really have a national debt ticker?

            forgive me if i am blunt but i believe i am free. are you? or should i ask: are your people free? or should we ask how free the native Indians felt during mass murder? or perhaps the black African salves how they went about with the liberties they had..slavery by way of debt is only one tool used.

            you don’t believe you have been enslaved by the apex elite? or should i call them lords..? proxy gods who know the harm the printing machine is doing? it drives the war machine does it not? how else would a war machine work if not for money printed by the federal reserve? donations? perhaps the zionists could start paying taxes to the U.S also…some might argue they might even be the next star on your flag. they have been payed enough to probably buy one off the federal reserve. you might as well do it as it will only cost your people more tax dollars in the long run. for now i will stop.

            going digital has its flaws if i might get back on topic. it won’t affect the apex elite but it will affect the people if hacked electronically. (see bike with no pedals) i don’t see why people have to be punished for not conforming to the system of this slavery tool. especially its own people….me personally i would like to see your people take back the federal reserve. it belongs to the people and the people should decide where the money will go and not be influenced by greedy oligarchs who have enslaved the people by the many tools which form this maniacal war machine who is meant to serve its people not some fake jews who claims to be a semite but have white skin like the Russians and the Germans; and clearly have been placed there by Britain and the U.S as victims of a war but now claim to be chosen by god and must be protected by the very same people who have the power to fund the war machine. a rigid circle of deceit before your very eyes..

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            1. My view of power, and how it works, is quite atypical. I believe that the typical view of power is that it is effectively at the end of a gun barrel (metaphorically), formerly the tip of the arrow or spear. In astrological terms, that is Martian power. And, it is power, but it is not sustainable. Like it or not, warriors have always tended to be parasitic in nature, depending on economic producers (such as farmers) to provide them with resources. And when you look to economic producers astrologically, you must look to the “lights” (Sun and Moon, the Sun being the “Greater Light” and the Moon the “Lesser Light”). Sun and Moon are the ultimate power in that, without them the rest will perish. A warrior / police officer / criminal can take food (and other supplies) using a gun or other weapon, but if there is no food to take then all perish. The elite few (which you seem to view as one group but I view as competing factions) must have the underlying producers or they perish (even if they control military, police, banks, courts, and so forth). This means that, necessarily, power must be distributed to some degree.

              You are right in your point about debt being the modern form of slavery. And my point about the “war on cash” is that this is being done as a way to enforce debt slavery.

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              1. they are all linked. it is the corporate snake. you may not have liked what i had to say but i am being blunt. it would of been nice if you could answer my questions perhaps you don’t know of the debt level your people are faced with. i could so far as saying it is not the fault. you asked me of the situation with oil and Obama the puppet. i answered. all the mentions in my reply were quite clear. killing people and enslaving people is evil. it is not considered legally or morally right. it is wrong. i am awake to the actions of your controlled political farce. when the first crash happened and your people lost homes. that was to teach china a lesson. so devaluation of the USD to teach lessons…what the citizens of the worlds largest slavery tool don’t realise is that why should lessons be ‘taught’ on the backs of what your ‘forefathers’ fought so hard for. your rights to freedom. you are not actually free. the 2nd amendment: why hasn’t anyone taken over your corrupt government? why should you have to borrow debt from the very birth place and land you own? isn’t that what your forefathers fought for? not one country you have stepped on has ever posed any kind of threat. if it was it was either manufactured or the best interest for the people of america…supposedly. i live in a country where we live in peace. we do not have guns. we actually rely on the police to protect and uphold the law. everything in your country is corporatised. your a nation of ‘corporatocracy’ a word which describes best what your country really is. under this corporatocracy you are not free. the war on terror is false. it has nothing to do with religion or race. it has to do with alternate motives that are control related and sorry but that includes you. especially you. you might feel safe carrying a gun 24/7 but i am actually safe not holding one. this reminds me. let me share some humour with you. please watch what how i actually see your situation especially with regards to guns and the war on terror. you still never mentioned ‘which’ factions you speak of but you still avoid this in a way where hesitation is evident. “This means that the power must be distributed to some degree” i wrote of LinkedIn and the corporate snake. ok let me simplify this then. if you take the banks out of the equation would things be different? the world bank is the lender. how do we even have a world bank? why are countries borrowing money? who has the strongest currency in the world? what is gold valued at? what is oil valued at?

                the world has been placed with a value in USD which you 1) do not own 2) have no control of.

                corporatocracy is buried deep and your political proxies you choose have no power as secrecy is held above the citizens. no transparency. you now are part of ‘Generation Kill’ – i have a friend who spoke truth when he explained his time in Iraq. i was dumbfounded. you think i would waste my time here if i didn’t care for your people. the tightly knit group are intelligent. the bond is so that it ensures loyalty.

                i get a little wound up. sorry. too many people are dying. i don’t see anyone else attacking except for the U.S. i understand this probably comes natural to you as everyone that walks on your land is wary of being ‘murdered’ comes experience my life where you don’t because the only ones that are arms are the police. you may doubt my fiction but i assure you my words are true. i will write more on my blog about my feelings and how the rest of the world see the American war machine. you carry the guns as a last man standing for the oligarchs who control your country. i really should be backing my comments with links but i will spare you the shame as i understand you are not to blame but i try to make anyone see especially Americans with the hope that i spark some realisation and bring doubt so you and others can awaken to the level of deceit your people and the world face. you obviously are not convinced. when the day comes where your people will suffer as a result of this next order of the world changes to digital currency. your country will be first. Jobs will be lost. Crime will increase. debt will be your only friend. oil will be reduced in price as your newest sister nation, Israel is in control now. it has already designed and planned for oil to be piped in from the recent countries that have been ruined by your war machine.

                you truly underestimate the mechanism of the corporate snake as you question who has the capacity to control your nation..under a corporatocracy it is easily maintained – exactly how a corporate entity works to usurp. it does not distinguish. you are dispensable and only there as they rely on you to be last man standing! as long as arms flow and people are instilled daily with the tools used to sway minds and convince you they are necessary as everyone wants to ‘murder you’ let my good friend explain a little further. i understand it is about bank hacking but all i comment here relate to the fed and the above mentioned link twice now. look into how many times they have been audited. look at the figures quoted.


                guns, money, war, oil, food, weather manipulation are all controlled as the top apex control the world and are able to cripple it with either increasing its(USD) value and devaluation.

                here and watch how i see your right to your 2nd amendment which has no relation to ones self defence..it was put in place so your people could take back your government not as we see how it has been played out now:

                Part one:

                part two:

                and your war on terror:

                enjoy! sending out the love. be well. think of the less fortunate. if you believe in God pray to the God of good. if not then let the light of your forefathers guide you through the night. Astrology- i do not know too much to even try.

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              2. Since English is your second language, these comments represent an opportunity to develop your skills by expressing your opinion (and apparently anger). Tell me more about why you believe that your country is superior. (By the way, which country is it?)

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              3. One more quick question: are you seriously offering an Australian comedian who does not think that constitutions matter as an expert on what gun policy (or ANY other policy!) should be in the United States? Seriously? (Surely not. Based on what you have written, I would be surprised if you are truly that stupid.)

                By the way, history repeats itself. The liberals, once called “Progressives,” tried to do the same thing with alcohol 100 years ago that they are trying with guns today. It was such an embarrassing disaster for them that they changed their names from “progressives” to “liberals” and hoped that no one would learn history well enough to see what idiots they were.
                See, also:

                Of course, you could be little more than a garden variety troll trying to provoke a reaction from me, maybe one similar to this?

                Which is it?

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            2. You have much in this reply / entry, but let me point out that the Fed is considered a “lender of last resort.” That means that only banks in extreme positions borrow from the Fed. From a statistical point of view, they are likely to be two standard deviations (or more) away from the rest. (Outliers) That means that what the Fed really does is “dampen” what some call “oscillations” in the banking system. (I suspect this is similar to the oscillations of the “bullwhip effect” in a supply chain.)

              (1) Outliers: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Outlier
              (2) Bullwhip effect: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bullwhip_effect

              If this is true (and I believe it is), then the Fed is not really “controlling” much of anything rather than trying to keep the economy from moving into extreme positions (as it did in 2008).

              As an aside: some might challenge the notion of applying the “bullwhip effect” (an inventory concept) to the money supply. But, keep in mind that the money supply can be very effectively modeled as an inventory model (this is called the Baumal-Tobin model, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baumol–Tobin_model, compare the formula to EOQ: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Economic_order_quantity).

              See, also: Barro, R. J. (1976). Integral constraints and aggregation in an inventory model of money demand. The Journal of finance, 31(1), 77-88.


          2. i laughed at the pictures of your past and present presidents holding hands, hugging, kissing…accepting lavish gifts from the saudi kings. i wanted to mention this is an important ‘ally’ and ‘funder’ of oil to your maniacal war machine.

            you buy the oil in USD they invest it back into the corporate snake which has no transparency; they could own the federal reserve for all we know…sorry i was meant to be funny with that last statement. but i feel you understand where i am going with that. whichever way you look at it they all lead to one place:


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            1. Huh? Which picture are you referring to? Are you sure you are posting on the right blog? This article is about Hacking of Central Banks and has no such pictures of “past and present presidents holding hands.” I have glanced at your DTC link, but I would have to dig deeper to get a handle on it. Your entry is a bit confusing. Are you sure you meant to post that on this blog?

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              1. you mentioned paintings. you are right. it is about hacking and banks. for this i bid you a good day. i have nothing further to add then. thank you for your time and allowing me to comment ☺️

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