Who Needs Borders?

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What would the world look like if there were no borders separating countries? The answer is a 2016 version of pre-historic times. That is, a world filled with people, buildings, roads, parks, plazas, and all things we cherish as necessary to live a full life with people roaming about killing, stealing, raping, and pillaging at will.

People would be able to wander freely from one place to another without passports or VISA’s. Why would they be necessary? Since there are no defined borders would there even be countries? How would the world be governed? Would we rely on the feckless United Nations to rule? How would we communicate? Languages would still be a means of separation. What about laws? Whose laws would we follow? How would economies be handled? No doubt, people would migrate from place to place for jobs, but would there be tariffs? Who would we pay taxes…

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