#AceBrexitNews – Gibraltar next in line to step out of line by wanting to do deal with EU and keep the single market it appears nobody believes in democracy any more or the will of the people, just as long as people get what they want – @AceNewServices

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#AceNewsReport – Oct.22: Rocked by Brexit vote, Gibraltar lays plans for new kind of EU relationship

But Spain’s readiness to play hardball on UK sovereignty means negotiating a prosperous future for the territory’s businesses will not be a simple matter

According to more than one member of Gibraltar’s business community, it felt “like someone had died”. The day after Britain’s #Brexit vote, this outpost of Albion on Spain’s southern tip was in shock.

The Rock’s residents voted 96% to remain. Its flourishing economy, built around financial services, e-commerce and online gaming, is based on the single market and free movement: every day, nearly half its entire workforce – 12,000 Spanish and other EU nationals – commute across the border daily ….

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