I Voted for the Wrong Person


All my conversations, I’ve found, inevitably wind their way back to this circus of an election. One moment you’re standing there waiting for your falafel order and talking about ways to quantify all the existing goat puns, and the next, someone in your group’s taken advantage of the lull in conversation to fall back on “So… Donald Trump,” and no one even knows where to go from there. In conversation and in life.

Frankly, I think the media’s oversaturated with “news” on the two presidential candidates and have about had my fill of vaguely familiar Facebook friends with already immutable opinions tear each other apart on my newsfeed in the name of “discourse.” I could probably handle never hearing the names Trump or Clinton again for the rest of my life.

As excited as I clearly was about the election, I was markedly enthusiastic about the prospect of using the…

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