the election’s finally happening.


This election season’s been possibly the most daunting one I’ve ever seen (despite facebook memories reminding me, over the past couple of days, of how nervous I was about the results of the American election four and eight years ago) and it’s finally coming to a close. Still, it’s perhaps a tad too early for me be relieved of the anxiety that’s plagued me – and many of my peers – over the past year. There remains a possibility that the fate of American and the world could swing the other way; what happens then I’m not entirely sure. (And given how Brexit’s being handled in Britain now, I doubt anything would be certain for the months to come, should perchance Tangerine Mussolini be elected president.)

So, I’m taking a break from work right now to address whatever audience I’ve amassed on this blog, in particular, Americans. (“Amassed” might be the wrong word…

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