Why I Don’t Hate James Comey

common sense?

The title is a little misleading since I don’t hate anyone really…except muggles…those guys are straight up assholes.

More accurately I suppose I should call this why I’m not mad at James Comey. From the visceral reaction the country has had from the time he announced that the FBI was re-opening the HRC investigation, until today when he announced that nothing new of note was found, it appears I may be comfortably ensconced in the minority in that opinion.

I understand why people are mad. I get why they are emotional during a scary and stressful time. What I don’t get is how people are unable to take a breath and really review the facts about Comey. Let’s review a few things…

The initial FBI investigation into HRC and her email “issues” was concluded earlier this year with no charges against HRC. At the time democrats were upset and that…

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