Israel: Muslim arson attacks tear across the country, causing 60,000 to evacuate

The Muslim Issue

Muslims are perpetual arsonists. Israel has “arson season” for that very reason each year. Just ask the French or the Swedes, who suffer weekly arson attacks on schools, cars, welfare buildings and even hospitals since they filled their countries with Muslims.

When the flood of Merkel Muslims began arriving on the shores of Greece and Italy, they welcomed their hosts with a string of arson attacks. In Greece fire brigade investigators complained that cases of arson has dramatically increased in the past two years, with 2016 being the worse on record. They looked into 5,533 cases, of which 1,468 concerned wildfires and 4,065 burnt farming land. Based on their findings, the leading cause of 47.94 percent of the fires was intentional arson, followed by arson through negligence at 32.65 percent, undiscovered causes at 13.45 percent, chance 3.18 percent and natural causes at 2.78 percent). Greek migrant camps have also…

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