More Libtard Butthurt: Angry Letters Protesters Wrote to Ivanka Trump About Her Father’s Policies

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Trump is not president until next January. Yet the libTARD butthurt has been flowing ever since November 8th. And the drama never stops…


From Cosmopolitan: On the evening of November 28, dozens of protesters gathered outside of Manhattan’s Puck Building, the residence of Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner. The purpose of the protest was not to hate on Ivanka, but to appeal to her.

Donald Trump’s eldest daughter and former surrogate is now (along with her two brothers) on her father’s transition team — she has more influence over his policies and cabinet member appointments than ever before. “She has been portrayed as the most compassionate and rational Trump, the one person who always has her father’s ear,” protest co-organizer Jonathan Horowitz told via email.

Protest organizer and artist Jonathan Horowitz Protest organizer and artist Jonathan Horowitz

Donald Trump supports repealing the Affordable Care Act (yes, please!), has…

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