The silence of it all

beth tremaglio

Socialism done wrongly is threatened by anything not like itself, therefore suppressing freedom of thought.”

Some of my personal thoughts on war, socialism done wrongly(self interests), corporate medias and voting.

In considering a title, I chose “the silence of it all” becuase thats where most of this begins, in the silence. War never appears as war but as justification. Beneath the thick noise lay the truth in silence.

War begins, not with skin, age, culture nor gender but with a ripple beneath the skin.

War never shows itself as war. Never begins has a war but rather a justification.

Not all wars carry a physical weapon but they all make noise.

War comes for your mind and demands you think the same. War comes because it fears your freedom to believe and your freedom to not conform.

War comes because it is threatened by anything not like itself.


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