Intelligence Cat Fight

Civility Commons

“A kernel of tyranny lies in that obscurity.”

We are in discord as a nation. American intelligence agencies are casting conflicting lights on Russian intervention. The FBI and the CIA arrived at different conclusions regarding Russia’s intervention in the recent US presidential election. The depth of our situation should not be underestimated or trivialized. The debate on the floor has multiple parts:

  1. Is there reliable evidence demonstrating Russia’s interference in November’s presidential election? If so, what is the extent of this intervention?
  2. Did Russia intervene in favor of Donald Trump? If so, what does this act suggest about Russia’s strategic goals for the Trump presidency?
  3. What should we make of Donald’s Trump skeptical response to the CIA’s claim of Russian intervention? Is this a sign of dangerous, unbridled support of Russia or does it signal a new relationship with Russia free of the blame-first approach of previous administrations?
  4. How vulnerable…

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