Russia secretly plotted to elect Trump…Really?

On the North River

I’ll keep it short.  Why the hell would Russia want a competent, divisive American President, i.e. Donald Trump.

When they could have a severely twisted and domestically damaged President, a President that they have already read all of her mail and so know her thinking and  where the bodies are buried.

Why would they prefer Donald Trump, a man with numerous friends in business and the military, known for their competence and abilities?  Men that that might, and it appears will be, appointed to form a formidable executive team.  As opposed to the cloud of ineffective chaff that occasionally blows around the world during the Obama years and might continue to do so under Billary.

Russia, Iran and China have had it real good during the disastrous Obama terms, real good.  Hillary couldn’t even beat Obama.  In my personal opinion, they were all praying as hard as they could for…

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