Ciaran J. Ryan

How Abolishing the Electoral College would Undermine the Union 

It always seems that fervency for democracy exists only when it works in one’s favour. Though, I guess it is ever so easy to support a system when it reinforces your ideals—especially if you never determined these for yourself, and instead had them dictated to you by agenda-driven professors determined to choke discourse throughout colleges nationally. For eight years, chiefly the last five, the millennial progressives, most of whom have voted twice without loss, have sat enthralled as they watched an insidious policing of language erode our freedom of speech. They smirked whilst PC culture entrenched within the foundations of the republic a perverse intellectual relativism that determines what we can and can’t say. And they lapped it up as they instructed the majority on how to construct meaning to prevent offending anyone deemed ‘marginalised’.

Uncomfortable truths were just that: uncomfortable…

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