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If you watch Godzilla vs. King Kong backwards it’s about two monsters who forget their differences and build a city.

Very similar to playing some country songs backwards. The guy stops drinking and gets his wife back.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to rewind portions of our lives? I had an opportunity, at 18, to audition for a role on “Happy Days”. It was even arranged by the 2nd man in charge of what is now the Warner Brothers studios in Burbank, California. He recommended me to Jerry Paris, who produced the show. I didn’t go. I didn’t go!!!!

Years later, I had a manager/agent who wanted me to take roles in “B” movies, to build an audition reel for “A” films. She gave me a script, but the character was a gross guy who burps and breaks wind. I know some of you think I would be…

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