What is wrong with the news media?

100% on target, and that is what the “fake news” movement is all about: silencing alternative voices that do not comport with the official narrative of a handful of elites. Thanks for a GREAT piece!

Patrisya M.

On 29.11.2016 I attended a seminar “America after the Elections” organized by Department of Political Science and International Relations at Izmir Economic University. The department hosted Mr. Phillip Kosnett, Deputy Chief of Mission, US Embassy in Ankara. Mr. Kosnett focused mainly on what recent elections mean for democracy and he expressed his opinion about the news media. He emphasized the media’s failure to recognize potential of Trump to win the elections. Today’s media are characterized by “echo chamber”, which means that the news media practice the repetition of ideas, beliefs in enclosed system and different, alternative views are rejected or underrepresented. Today’s media simply do not accept other point of view.Everyone who thinks differently becomes the enemy.


This seminar encouraged me to express my own view about the news media nowadays.

Tocqueville in On Democracy in America said that free press is a great tool to defend rights of individuals…

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