The Book Of Revelation And Doctor Jeremy Jahns Changes Into Dana Scully?

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I went to bed late last night and I had to wake up early so I did not get enough sleep, I was awakened because it was getting too hot because someone turned the heater on too high, and I have been sleeping better and/or differently I guess since I got some SnoreCare anti-snore (snoring) nose vents for Christmas from my brother GC which seems to be stopping my snoring to my surprise so I can only remember part of my last dream.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it was probably partly inspired by a YouTube video that I watched last night called Top 10 WORST Movies 2016 by the YouTuber named Jeremy Jahns.

During the dream I remember being inside a building that was like a combination of The E House and a Big Lots-like store, and when I…

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