Iran’s nonsensical ban on a best-selling mobile game

Freedom Star

By Amir Basiri

An Iranian government committee recently announced a ban on the famous mobile game “Clash of Clans,” claiming the game encourages violence and tribal conflict while having a negative addictive effect on teenagers.

If violence is a true concern for the Iranian regime, “Clash of Clans” should be the least of its worries, because the government is already knee-deep in inciting violence. There are public hangings and lashings, crackdowns on protests and peaceful events, broadcasts of propaganda against minorities, and military theme parks where children can fire at the United States flag with live ammunition, to name a few.

The truth is Tehran fears anything of historical, cultural, economic or political nature where people can find common ground and get together.

The real concern with “Clash of Clans” is the capability the game provides for people to socialize and interact beyond the regime’s control.


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