Sex Fiction Urination Story on the Internet Worms its Way to Sen. John Mccain, Then Get’s Released as Security Briefing by 17 Intelligence Agencies. Buzzfeed Then Publishes It for Click Revenue.

These “Intelligence” officials (what a misnomer!) are probably the same clowns that came up with “weapons of mass destruction.”  (Except that these are weapons of mass distraction.)

Digital Empire

Too Funny!  I guess Buzzfeed never had the mojo from the start.

Let’s begin with this video to summarize it.

The DailyMail has the hot details on this latest screw up by Buzzfeed.

The New York Times reported that intelligence officials considered the material ‘so potentially explosive’ that they decided they needed to tell Trump, Obama, and top congressional leaders about it.

The paper described the memos as being ‘generated by political operatives seeking to derail Mr. Trump’s candidacy.’

CNN’s story was reported by four reporters, including former Watergate scribe Carl Bernstein.

Bernstein said on air that the raw intelligence memos were drafted by a retired MI6 British intelligence operative. MI6, formally the Secret Intelligence Service, conducts foreign intelligence gathering for the UK government.

The operative had been hired by a political opposition research firm who did work first for Republican and then Democratic political opponents of Trump.

‘He then…

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