How Drones are Shaping the Future of News Media

Let's Talk Drones!

While 2016 has seen a rise in the usage of drones for conventional and commercial purposes, we have also seen these handy little buzzards change the way different industries operate and function, as they can be used for several different purposes. They have been restricted by several aviation norms and laws that prevent their usage in a lot of areas. But that hasn’t stopped the industry from utilizing the technology available to its fullest potential.

From delivery services to rescue operations to media coverage, drones have been useful for many industry giants. The one field that went all out in using drone technology though, has been news-media. They took all the advantage they could from the emerging technology in aerial photography and videography and have been using drones to record footage in situations where sending a human cameraman would have been risky or impossible, at times. Not to mention the…

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