Target’s hijab advertising campaign

Aussie Nationalist Blog

Target has recently launched on advertisement campaign, featuring a woman wearing a hijab to promote ideals of ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’.

Or so the story goes.

But while I want all people to feel ‘included’ in Australian society, opting to feature a women in oppressive religious garb, is a misleading stunt.

This campaign acts to in part, popularise and normalise a style of dress undertaken in oppressive, misogynistic regimes.

The hijab is worn to adhere to Islamic belief that women must be ‘modest’ in their dress.

For if women refuse to uphold this modesty, Islam regard such women as fair game for rape.

While unintentional, this abuse, in addition to the litany of ways Islam violates the rights of women, is only trivialised by Target’s hijab advertising campaign.

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