Why the Left is dishonest on immigration 

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There are some conservatives especially on the so called ‘alt right’, that oppose all non- white immigration.

Personally, I dispute this belief, as I agree that different ethnic groups; particularly the Vietnamese and other comparably hard working people, have offered valuable cultural and economic benefits to this country.

I do take enjoyment in some Asian food, and to some extent agree that our country is better off with some influence from our Northern neighbours.

However, my disagreement with the dogma of multiculturalism and immigration, begins at the point in which the parent culture of Australia, becomes so disperse it is difficult to identify.

Most parts of Australia remain identifiable, but in some areas, demographics are so departed from our nation’s roots, that it cannot be easily recognised as the nation I grew up in. Moreover, statistics suggest that Australia will become increasingly diverse and polarised into the future.

It is…

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