Hillary Shill Martha Raddatz Starts To Cry Over Trump Victory


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    LOL people in the military don’t defend the Constitution… This dumb bitch… People in the military are BLIND AND DUMB ORDER FOLLOWERS who are trained specifically to act without ever questioning the moral rightness or wrongness of their deeds. They have been trained to have no judgment and to blindly obey order no matter how many people are killed, no matter how many children are caught in the crossfire, no matter how many nations are invaded in the name or oil and greed, and no matter what health or psychological effects they will be left with for the rest of their lives… Joining the military is a one way ticket to being brainwashed, brain-dead, and used justify all manner of evil. A real man or woman would take up the PERSONAL responsibility of basing their actions upon the morally right thing to do, rather than worshiping magic symbols on someones uniform…

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    1. I think you are touching upon a difficult issue, and not one that I can easily address in a short space. But, I do know people who are ex-military who are quite ethical and go the extra distance to “do the right thing.” Bua distance to “do the right thing.” But the issue repeats itself routinely, and it is a topic for cinema routinely (e.g. “A Few Good Men”).

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      1. Well, in all seriousness, tel me this. In a real world situation, what does a Soldier (Soul Dyer) do when their orders are immoral. Be a good person or be a good soldier? They cant be both. Its one or the other. This is not a movie. If all soldiers simply quit and walked away, governments could do nothing about it, and war would end. Fact. Local militias could protect their own people better than organize military that is ALWAYS corrupted.

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        1. Right. The mil guys (which would include some pals of mine) are uncomfortable with this, so I am reluctant to say much because of the issues THEY face (not me). That said, you are touching on why M Scott Peck left the military and started writing bestsellers (notably “The Road Less Travelled”) and others. Many people do not know that Peck was Lt. William Calley’s psychiatrist and came to the conclusion that Calley and his men performed the My Lai massacre as a result of precisely the issue you mention… …like I said, it is a *VERY* tough issue!


          1. I have connections as well, but mine are a bit different. I had a good friend who joined the service to help his mom pay bills when his dad died. He left here a down to Earth country boy, and a couple of years later he returned from Iraq a drug addict criminal who did nothing but still and fight and nearly killed a few guys. Now he is in a mental institution. When I was a kid, I was a bad kid no doubt, several of us were in jail. Many of my associates were offered to join the service to have their time reduced, and boy did they ever… not one lived to make it home… They ALL died in Iraq, so yeah, our holy government certainly reduced their time, I’d say… I also have a sister who only dates or marries servicemen because they are always gone, make ok money, and if they die she and her kids get paid… Neat trick, don’t you think. Its a shame the rest of us have to work, lol. Everything I see that is associated with the military is corrupt and evil. It destroys lives and killed my friends… I can do without it.

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