On the Way Out the Door, Obama Gave $221 million of OUR Money to the Radical Islamist Thugs Known as the Palestinian Authority

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Last Sunday night, as I was filling up a tire at a Walmart Gas Station, I saw a young girl in an SUV honk her horn at another car passing by in front of her. All of the sudden, I heard this young girl unleash a tirade of F Bombs aimed at the occupants of the vehicle that would make the late, great Richard Pryor blush.

She then flung open her car door, threw a man’s jacket on the gas station pavement and proceeded to stop the mess out of it, while continuing her verbal barrage of expletives.

Jumping back into her  SUV, she took off “in high speed pursuit” (as Sheriff Buford T. Justice would say) after the other vehicle.

Just getting off of work, it took me a moment to realize that, in the car which she honked her horn at, was her now-ex-boyfriend and some other girl.

She had been…

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