Canada: Gunmen scream ‘Allahu Akhbar’ and shoot 40 at mosque in Quebec

A monstrous attack by terrorists.

The Muslim Issue

As soon as the leftist media heard that the gunmen screamed Allahu-Akbar, they kept silent to report it hopefully praying for a white “pro-Trump” gunman. Non-Muslims don’t commit jihad. It’s an islamic duty.

Liberals and media immediately blames – TRUMP! Since when has Trump invented Jihad against infidels? Infidels includes Muslims who do not abide by Saudi Wahhabi rules. They are accused of following a ‘false Islam’. The ‘real’ Islam is what ISIS offers. The entire Muslim world is at constant war with each other. The more reason to block them entry into the West. One of the biggest problems with “refugees” – the economic migrants entering Western countries by means of fraud – is that their presence create violent Islamic gangs feuding with each other in small towns and villages all across Europe. It’s complete madness to bring these people into the West.



Multiple dead, 2 arrested…

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