European space bosses reveal plan for 50m high “dome of contemplation” on the moon

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It could be a temple like no other – and with a view that really is out of this world.

The European Space Agency has revealed plans for a lunar temple to be built alongside mankind’s first outpost on the moon.

The 50m high dome, close to a planned moonbase near to the moon’s south pole, would give the first settlers ‘a place of contemplation’.

Artist Jorge Mañes Rubio, part of ESA’s future-oriented Advanced Concepts Team (ACT), designed the temple to be built alongside ESA’s planned moonbase.

‘I’ve been having all sorts of discussions with my ACT colleagues, including speculating on the likely needs of future lunar settlers,’ said Jorge.

‘What kind of social interactions will they share, what cultural activities and rituals will they have, and what sort of art and artefacts will they be producing?

‘Humans have been creating art for at least 30 000 years, so…

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