Talk Radio and Social Media [ A World Wide Awakening]

I am an Art Bell fan, too. Wish he had a WordPress blog I could reblog.

The Revealing


I have been a fan of Art Bell and Coast to Coast a.m since 1996 and I have to say I have dramatically increased and broadened my outlook on life . Some of the guests on the show are either paranoid or so polarized in their astral imagination that they do not see the whole picture.

By;- Mike j Hughes. ‎30/‎12/‎2012

Some of the stories would make you laugh, like the show where a man attempts to land his plane in Area 51 and gets shot down , and you can’t miss J.C and the ”boiling pits of sewage”
With the dawn of the Internet and social media the world , in many ways, is waking up and becoming less complacent and feebly passive in accepting anything the governments in all nations of the world tell them.

A great awakening is spreading all over the world and people are rising…

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