The New Captain at the Helm

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Trump’s speech was very encouraging. He reiterated a lot of the core content heard in his campaign speeches. America was still placed first and he wants to make it great again. He assured us all that the American people will not be ignored again. He’s a populist and nationalist president and that’s a good thing. Don’t let CNN convince you it’s not.

For too long we have endured a president who was bent on dividing and replacing America with the vision held by globalist elites. It’s very refreshing to have a president who tells it like it is. He knows the political elite have for too long reaped the rewards of big government while the American people became more impoverished. Unlike Hillary and the elite establishment, Trump listened. That’s why he’s president.

We have a new captain who wants to ‘right the ship.’ He’ll put our own interests first. Obama…

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