Lion (2016) Review | CineMuseFilms

I’m eager to see Lion starring Dev PatelThe film is awarded a top rating (4.5 stars) by CineMuseFilms, which considers the “social, cultural and political landscape” of a film. Given the current refugee/immigrant uproar we have on our hands, it’s an opportune time to affirm interest in people from other lands.

If you’ve already seen “Lion,” what did you think?

Lion (2016) Review | CineMuseFilms

“If film-art is the pursuit of visual pleasure, powerful storytelling and high emotional impact, then Lion (2016) is the year’s high-water mark for Australian productions. Based on the book A Long Way Home (2014), this adaptation is a richly textured essay on the primal human need for belonging that will resonate with anyone who has ever wondered who they are. […]

An immensely satisfying cinematic experience: visually stunning, narratively powerful, and an emotional whirlwind. […]”

Richard Alaba, CineMuseFilms


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