Poesy plus Polemics

knights_templar_battle_weary Battle Weary Knight Templar – Artist Unknown
knights errant
seduced by crusade
song of Solomon
papal authority
crescentine scimitars
cruciform swords
clashed in battles
of conscience
resounding with
shuddering echoes
a raging of holy wars
waged upon ruins
of temple and time
oh Jerusalem
wherefore thy
never-end suffering
hollow the triumphs
all turned to defeats
bearing vagaries
harshly converting
the warrior scions
to warrior thieves
stolen secrets of
ritual relics become
hidden treasures
the grail and the gold
and the ark and the
architrave knowledge
of reasons for faith
esoterica sacred and
sanguine the
clandestine mysteries
anciently known but to
grave reverent priests
holding keys to the
holy of holies
a fortune of sacrosanct
chattel and knowledge
now lost in a
somewhere unknown
like the honor and virtue
once righteous and pure
antebellum in hearts of
knights errant

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