Can Eating Grapes Improve Your Memory?

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Pilot study highlights role of grapes
in preventing Alzheimer’s disease
Implications for Memory & Attentional Struggles in Alphabet City

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Ralph Turchiano on February 3, 2017

Brand New Study suggests Good News!

Grape-enriched diet prevents metabolic brain decline,
improves attention and memory
Public Release: 3-Feb-2017: California Table Grape Commission FRESNO, CA

Consuming grapes twice a day for six months protected against significant metabolic decline in Alzheimer-related areas of the brain in a study of people with early memory decline.

Low metabolic activity in these areas of the brain is a hallmark of early stage Alzheimer’s disease. Study results showed a grape-enriched diet protected against the decline of metabolic activity.

Alzheimer’s disease. as most people know, is a brain disease that results in a slow decline of memory and cognitive skills. Although it’s cause is not yet fully…

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9 thoughts on “Can Eating Grapes Improve Your Memory?

  1. So you decided to go ahead with the new blog after all. Congrats on getting it up and running. Sometimes being up all night has its advantages, huh? 🙂

    So now you will be news-focused even more than usual. THAT’s a double-edged sword! Thanks for including this study as debatable news

    It will certainly inspire debate in the medical science crowd, that’s certain. They LOVE to challenge anything that isn’t pill-based (gives ’em time to figure out how to make it so, I guess). Don’t get me wrong – grateful for meds, but still . . .


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    1. Well, Debatable News has been up for months and does not have many followers, only about 35 at this point. Sometimes I have content from the left but, surprisingly, much of the content on WP is from the right. I tend to lean right myself for reasons I will not list here (although many of the viewpoints are to the right of me). I also like to include material on conspiracies (especially!), UFOs, alternative medicine and other alternative viewpoints. Curiously, few people visit and even fewer comment. Most prefer to read about astrology and writing.

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      1. I wasn’t following this one – so it wasn’t in my conscious awareness (am now, btw).

        I consider myself a humanist – others may label me left. Can’t say I’m a rightie – except with a pen – refuse to bow down to Corporate Capitalism and far too interested in everything BUT to make it in that club if I wanted to (which I never will, btw)

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  2. Can’t find the ACE Article on this site [Jetpac], but I did jump over and leave comment below there:
    Incendiary title does nobody any favors – except, perhaps the hate and fear-mongers. Highly irresponsible, given the remainder of the article.

    Activism and terrorism are NOT the same thing – except, perhaps to narcissistic presidents. But hey – anything for clicks, huh? Too bad so many Americans don’t read beyond the title. (But then, you may already know that.)

    C’mon – please tell me you’re better than this!
    (Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – ADDandSoMuchMORE dot com)
    ADD Coach Training Field founder; ADD Coaching co-founder
    “It takes a village to transform a world!”

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    1. I like to present many viewpoints and let readers decide. And, sometimes, incendiary titles can help people to THINK. AND, frankly, I do not trust “mainstream media” for reasons we have discussed a number of times. They toss people like you and I into the dumpster because we are not 8 to 5 automatons they can use up and discard. I LIKE alternative viewpoints, including ones that are sometimes a bit strange by other people’s (and sometimes even my own) standards….

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      1. It was not the viewpoint I objected to – it was the way they slanted the *title* – which misrepresented it. I liked the article, actually.

        I really despise journalistic sensationalist readership efforts. They used to have a term for it: YELLOW JOURNALISM.

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        1. Fair enough. I will confess: some of the material I reblog on DN is a very deep yellow. Some think it is golden colored. Some compare it to straw colored urine. But, yes, some of it is rather “yellow” in the sense you mean! 🙂 That is intentional. I am modeling the selection of content, loosely, on “The National Enquirer,” “Star,” etc. (but with an obvious right wing slant; anyway, MSM “owns” the left position)

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