WASHINGTON: US District Judge on Donald Trumps Immigration ban delivered little explanation on his decision though as Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, tweeted on Sunday: “The law is on Donald Trump’s side. Doesn’t mean that the courts will follow it.” – Unless he applies Presidential pressure to the right points – @AceNewsServices

Ace News Services

#AceNewsReport – Feb.06: This is a great article from Washington Examiner that ‘ Spreads a Little Light ‘ on Donald Trumps immigration ban and reason in part why James Robart, the U.S. district judge in Washington State, offered little explanation for his decision to stop President Trump‘s executive order temporarily suspending non-American entry from seven terror-plagued countries.

Robart simply declared his belief that Washington State, which in its lawsuit against Trump argued that the order is both illegal and unconstitutional, would likely win the case when it is tried.

Now the government has answered Robart, and unlike the judge, Justice Department lawyers have produced a point-by-point demolition of Washington State’s claims. Indeed, for all except the most partisan, it is likely impossible to read the Washington State lawsuit, plus Robart’s brief comments and writing on the matter, plus the Justice Department’s response, and not come away with the…

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