I Think It’s Time to Be More Friendly with Russia

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Isn’t there a saying somewhere that we shouldn’t punish people who are wrongly accused?

There should be.

I believe that in going forward, there needs to be a modest amount of trust built between the two great nations.

To battle international terrorists, a great deal of cooperation will be needed, and for that to go smoothly, the troops will need to understand that a reconcilliation has been met between Trump and Putin.  Which sounds kind of silly because it was the errors of the previous president that led us to this problem to begin with.

The problem that I see with leaving things the way they are and not changing it, is that the troops will think that Trump hates Russia.  That is going to lessen the effectiveness of any joint ventures going forward. The troops need to be on the same page with Trump’s objectives.

Trump’s political detractors would…

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