John Nolte,… Documenting the MSM not-quite-correct reporting (aka, ‘Lies’)… “[Weekly] Fake News Rap Sheet[s]”

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msm_fake_news_crop_4I very much enjoyed this set of three articles. I like this John Nolte (@NolteNC), collecting and publishing all this data. So THRILLED to see the MSM being called out BIG time. Apparently they are still going all out to make anything they create (usually around a Trump this-or-that) look “real”. I do recall that some of these things were also done with Barack Obama, as well.

Eventually, they will lose all their viewers and readers, and the local news reports and alternative media will be all that’s left.

So I’m placing the titles and links to each of the first three weekly reports, plus a highlight or three. All of the items are quite thoroughly documented and referenced. Have fun reading these ones!

This was in the latest Office of Poofness report. Click these links for a list of the original MSM-produced “fake news sites“, and…

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