Americans must be wary of Iranian influence over US media

Freedom Star

By Col. West Martin

Many seemingly important news reports that gained attention in 2016 turned out to be marred with falsified information.

A major threat to the dissemination of true information to U.S. citizens lies in the existence of suspicious figures sent by foreign countries for the purposes of espionage and influence over U.S. foreign policy.

Iran is a prime example. Its golden age of insider influence has passed with the inauguration of President Trump. The Tehran loyalists no longer have established access to the U. S. State Department and the National Security Council.

But this does not mean Iran’s network of spies and agents in the U.S. are going to stop spreading misinformation. It simply means the primary means of influence has been relegated back to mainstream and social media.

Left unchecked, it still remains a serious problem that cannot be underestimated and deserves due attention. As someone who…

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