Did Bernie Sanders Reject the People’s Party?


On yesterday’s Meet the Press, Bernie Sanders publicly responded to the People’s Party invitation to run on their 2020 presidential ticket. On the surface, it sounded like Bernie rejected the offer. But it’s too early to know what will happen.

Bernie Sanders exactingly stated he is “currently” focused on restoring Progressive ideals to the Democrat Party. In other words, he is not “currently” prepared to be drafted by the People’s Party. Logically, therefore, future options remain open. Meanwhile, I’m sure Nick Brana, and the folks at People’s Party, aim to expand Sanders’ already considerable political base.

Timing & Strategy

Bernie Sanders is about strategy and timing. He is logical and realistic. Before committing to his 2016 presidential run, for instance, he traveled the country far and wide in order to talk to people and personally take the grassroots’ pulse. Likewise, he won’t leap into the 2020 race before carefully assessing…

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