Conservative Actor Wonders Why Liberal Hollywood Won’t Invite Illegals and Refugees into their Homes

What Did You Say?

waving flagAuthored By Onan Coca February 17, 2017

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The brilliant conservative actor/singer Robert Davi (who played one of the greatest movie villains of all-time in the Goonies) just penned a scathing open-letter to his Hollywood colleagues.The letter appeared first at Breitbartbut has since been shared across dozens of websites, blogs, and emails. In it, Davi wonders why it is that the liberal elite who populate Hollywood and spend their time condescending to the rest of America on life and morality, don’t seem to be practicing what they preach.

Davi begins by explaining that he is concerned with the violent response to almost anything President Trump says or does. He then explains that he’s particularly troubled by the response to the President’s recent travel “pause” on migrants from 7 majority Muslim nations. Davi explains…

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