Techies’ diapers in a twist over Trump’s Apple remark

John, I agree with your ideas EXCEPT one point. You say “This isn’t economics.” But, it *IS* economics. It just isn’t the notion of “pure competition” that globalism is built on. What you are talking about is a special branch of economics that the lying libtards and gloablists do not want the rest of us to know about.

What you are talking about is called “transaction cost economics.” See, also: and

And you are modifying the fundamental question of TCE (“Why do firms exist?”) to ask this question: “Why do nations exist?” The libtards are too stupid to get it. But you get it. Nations, from this perspective, are built of a collection of firms just as firms are often built from a collection of departments (marketing, finance, operations, and so forth). Destroy the departments, and you destroy the firm. Destroy the firms, and you destroy the nation.  Just as firms need boundaries to protect their departments (and integrity), nations also need boundaries (the tariffs you mention, and maybe even a border wall!) to protect their firms (and integrity).

Libtards (and maybe the intelligence community, God forbid!) sold us out to other countries years ago and now point the finger at Trump re: Russia. That’s an abomination.

Let’s hope Trump can save us. He’s our last hope.

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Techies’ diapers in a twist over Trump’s Apple remark

The free market was built for nations, not the world

by Jon Rappoport

January 20, 2016

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Trump just said he’d force Apple to make their damn computers in America, and this raised a crib-howl from techies. You know, those super-intelligent “humanitarian progressives” who somehow finesse the fact that their cherished gizmos are manufactured in foreign factories where the workers are virtual slaves.

Techies: “Slaves? Just the cost of doing business. We still love everybody.”

For the moment, to avoid ad hominem arguments, let’s forget that Trump made the remark; and let’s also forget that truly free markets don’t exist on a macro scale.

Here is the obvious knock-you-in-the-face truth: you can’t have a level playing field if you allow US companies to go abroad, set up factories…

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