Political predictions 2017-2020

I think you are spot on. Without using astrology or other oracles (and I do use such tools), I have come to almost exactly the same conclusions as you. We are seeing a fundamental party re-alignment, and many people are incapable of seeing just how fundamental this change is. In the astrology world, you are describing the aftermath of the series of Uranus / Pluto squares that have been much discussed. Again, I think you have nailed it!


 Hey Everyone,

I’ve made some predictions for the political landscape of importance for 2017-2020. I just want to be clear in noting that I am not a psychic but I am skilled in studying patterns. Is intuition involved? Possibly! But I’m super confident about these predictions that I have came up with. I’ll also explain the leads towards the prediction.

In fact: off the record, I predicted Donald Trump would win to my folks at home. They laughed, as did I, when it got closer to seem like Hillary Clinton’s inevitable win. I was shocked by the outcome, however. (Hillary didn’t sell me on winning big & Bernie ignited a revolution that will change politics forever)

I also predicted that Tom Perez would win the DNC Chair this past Saturday, again off the record. (Democratic Party is arrogant)

For the first time on the Record:
2017–2018: The Democrats…

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