“White male Christians commit most terror attacks”

Aussie Nationalist Blog

A swift, succinct smackdown of the one of the more prevalent myths spread about Islam and terrorism.

“Muslim former Obama adviser: “white male Christians” commit most terror attacks”, Jihad Watch, November 30, 2015:

This claim is the new mantra of the politically correct: it was recent repeated by Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings, among others.

It does not, contrary to Mogahed’s claim, come from the FBI. It derives from a widely-heralded study that was published last summer by the New America Foundation, claiming that “right-wing extremism” was a bigger threat to the U.S. than jihad, based on the number of Americans killed by each since 9/11. Not only does this study skew the results by leaving out 9/11, but it also ignored the many, many foiled jihad plots in the U.S. since 9/11.

Also, right-wing extremists like Dylann Roof, the murderer in Charleston, South…

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