Why the Democrats are the party of failure

Jim Campbell's

The party of the Democrats hasn’t had a winning idea or passed meaningful legislation that would be good for America and Americans in the last thirty to forty years.

Of course, I’m thinking the failed  “Unaffordable  Health Care Act, AKA Obama Care.

So the insistence by the left on a minimum wage will cost jobs in the long run to the constituents to which they pander.  

Minimum wage jobs are designed for kids, those with little if any job skills to begin getting some experience. 

They are not intended for a man or woman to financially support a family of four. 

Once again Democrats prove that they fail to consider the long-term consequences of their legislation.  

Thus they are doomed to walk in the dark for the next 50 years, particularly as it looks as though President Donald Trump and his team are creating jobs at an amazing…

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