The Egyptian god of “Osiris” was an Alien robot?

I have a theory that the Egyptian god “Osiris” was actually a robot controlled by aliens from the past. There are very crazy stories about him. The biggest one. Is that his brother “Seth”, in a crisis of jealousy, cut “Osiris” in several pieces.

OSIRIS Imagem: Site LOOKLEX Encyclopaedia

The faithful wife of “Osires”, “Isis” collected the pieces, gathered all and her “husband” came back to life. There is an image on a wall in Egypt, which shows “Isis” stirring in the “Osiris” as if with her hand inside a mechanism on the back of the “husband”.

What are we talking about? In my opinion, the Egyptian god “Osiris” was rather a robot.

What do you think?

See you around …

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