The Rise Of U.F.O’s In America

The Curious Fortean

U.F.O’s, a subject that produces a variety of images: aliens, abductions, missing time, or even symbols inside crop circles.  We all have heard of reports of sightings in the skies, either by amateurs on the prowl, innocent bystanders with their cell phones, or professional pilots who have a reputation to uphold.  You can find these sightings anywhere on the internet, and oddly enough, along with exorcisms, they are on the rise in the United States. I wonder why?

U.F.O’s are not my area of expertise and I don’t normally write about them on TCF, but I do remember being fascinated by them as a child from various documentaries on television.  So I decided it was worth a go to outline this topic and upon investigation I realized, by Jove, the sightings were increasing as time went on. Being out of touch with the topic I wanted to…

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