Going to the Hospital to Get Fleeced

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You know how they talk about premiums, packages, and coupons? All day, everyday? I’m going to tell you the truth. None of it matters. Your mind did not just explode by reading that, but everybody else’s brains just melted.

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Hospital bills are a nightmare. If you get sick, you go into lifelong debt to get yourself healed.  If you’re insured, you pay yearly subsciptions for the privilege of paying a fraction. Essentially, you go into lifelong debt no matter what you choose.

http://www.rd. com/health/wellness/wildly-overinflated-hospital-costs/


10 Wildly Overinflated Hospital Costs.

Tylenol: $15 per individual pill.

Hospital plastic bags: $8 a bag.

Tissues: $8 a box.

TSA gloves: $53 a pair. (That’s one doctor giving you a tender but invasive patdown. Imagine a cadre of nurses…

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