Uh Oh, Looks Like They’re Attacking the Traditional Family

Digital Empire

This is how they make society weaker: by slowly eroding the values that for thousands of years, have been successful in keeping families strong and cohesive.  An article by the Independent claims that ‘the concept of monogamy is based on flawed science.’

“Scientists have for a long time researched into whether monogamy is better than polyamory but have never reached a conclusion.”

http://www.independent.co.   uk/life-style/love-sex/monogamy-flawed-concept-science-sex-one-person-relationships-university-michigan-a7645271.html

Rachel Hosie’s article is part clickbait and part apologist for failed relationships.

Polygamy is unsustainable.  10 wives for one man would ensure that only the men with vast traits, whether they may be vast penises, or vast Ebay listings, or vast body piercings, will go home with the girls. But as you and I know, the liberal mindset is to promote ‘equality,’ and that entails putting the weak men on the same level as the strong men, regardless of any facts, visual cues, or studies proving…

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