Maxine Waters’ Loose Tongue Has Done It Again By Admitting That Obama Has Created A Huge Secret Data Base

John A Pappas

Maxine Waters has had a slip of the tongue before such as in a video clip a few years back as she was questioning an oil company CO in regard to oil prices and she could not help herself by saying the real motive was to socialize the oil industry by a government takeover of the industry and that video was going all around the internet to expose the crap that comes out of Maxine Waters mouth. When Waters speaks we free thinking Americans cannot wait to see what slip of the tongue she will say to add to her reputation as a left-wing-nut representing the Democratic Party.

As we are aware of Obama and his administration is under an investigation as I am writing this post this morning of various elements of wrongdoings and he surly doesn’t need on top of these investigations Maxine Waters adding fuel to Obama’s…

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