Governments Going Insane with New Ways to Tax People 


From Armstrong Economics, by Martin Armstrong13

Ireland TV Tax on Computers

In Ireland, a reader has sent this gem in. The Communications Minister Denis Naughten is so proud of himself for changing the definition of a ‘television set’ to include your laptop in order to extend the TV license fee to be applied to computers, laptops, and large tablets. He believes he will generate an extra €5m a year. As our reader put it: “from that ‘shining light’ of the EU, Ireland is prepared to stoop in hunting even more cash from its people. … Is there no end to this lunacy? Internet next I’m sure!”

In Sweden, as of April 1st, a new tax will be applied to ALL electronics. Are you ready for this? The reason is of course not to raise money, but to protect people from electronics; including everything from the fridge to tvs and laptops. On April 1, Sweden will…

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