Niburu, Nemesis and planet X…


Some say that NASA, astronomers, the U.S. government and many other power yielding entities are in a large, widespread conspiracy to deny the general public knowledge of an event that is going to cause the destruction of our planet. There is a theory that a large, unknown object that orbits our sun with an elliptical shape that takes it far, far out from our solar system, but then every few thousand or even million years, swoops it into the inner solar system.


This object is theorized to be a large planet by some. Possibly 10 earth masses in size. By others, it is a small, dim, red dwarf star. Red dwarfs are the burned out remnants of older stars with masses similar to our sun. They burn out slowely and become cooler and much, much dimmer. Theories suggest our sun has a binary star, which in the broad universe is…

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