US Population Migrating South to Less Taxed States

The states that elected Obama, and were pro-Hillary, are the very ones many people are fleeing because of tax-laden, top-heavy, government that over-regulates everyone and everything. (Welfare states.)


From Armstrong Economics, by Martin Armstrong

USA Map Migration

The US Census report has shown that the net migration from the New York City area has surged during 2016, and that even included myself. Indeed, much more people are leaving the New York region than any other major metropolitan area in the country. Since 2010, the New York area has lost almost 4.5% of its population. This included New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island, and the lower Hudson Valley. The number of people who left in 2015 was 187,034. Last year, 2016, that number jumped to 223,423. The number of international immigrants settling in the tri-state area declined from 181,551 to 160,324. The international migration has slowed and this trend means that taxes will only rise.

Meanwhile, Cook County, Illinois has lost more population than any other county in the United States from July 2015 to July 2016, according to the latest U.S. Census Bureau report…

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