The state in Iran: A republic or caliphate?

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Iran Republic or CaliphateThe state in Iran: A republic or caliphate?
When back in 1979 the Shah left Iran and Khomeini arrived, everyone was awaiting a new constitution. Less than a year later the new constitution was approved.
Article 6 of this new constitution read: In the Islamic Republic of Iran all decisions are based on the people’s votes and through elections.
However, articles 57 and 110 of this same constitution read otherwise!

Article 57: All three legislative, executive and judicial branches are under the supervision of the supreme leader, or velayat-e faqih.

What authorities does the supreme leader enjoy?

Article 110
– Determining overall policies
– Supervising overall policies
– Holding referendums
– Commander-in-chief
– Appointing, sacking and accepting the resignation of:
o Members of the Guardian Council
o Head of the judiciary
o Head of state TV and radio
o Chairman of the armed forces chiefs of staff
o Commander…

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