An Amazing Discovery – Culturally Speaking – We’re All Adults Here

I know exactly what is coming next: a (highly limited) addition of a certain variety of “artificial intelligence.” Something similar to this:

Jim Campbell's

O.K. ladies don’t go all self-righteous on me remember when you kept your little toys that went buzz?

From the depths of my twisted mind, I offer you this.

The owners of this booming enterprise have promised a complementary line for women.

Christmas is coming so be nice to him if you hope to get him to buy one of your own.

You both know you are tired of each other, give each other a break.

Earl of Taint

As I googled for a picture of a “love doll” (for possible use in support of an important news report I’ll likely be filing maybe later), what I expected was something like what we called “Judy Dolls” back in the day.

The incredibly fake, inflatable things with the donut hole mouth and conical ‘breasts.’

But wow…my goodness there’s an entire universe of makers and sellers and collectors of extremely life-like dolls…

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